My name is Karlee Esler and I practice the lost art of weaving. The fabric I create is woven lovingly on a 70 year old loom with Canadian made threads. I have been designing my heirloom quality products in my one lady sweatshop since 2015. I am based in Caroline, Alberta.

Yardage Specs

640 threads/30” width/cotton warp
Weft pricing is per meter in CAD
Plain weave
→  $65/cotton 
→  $70/bamboo + tencel
Twill weave (tweed/vertical point/pebble)
→  $75/cotton 
→  $80/bamboo + tencel

**Yardage fabric has no intended purpose and is to be used at buyer’s own discretion**

Handwoven Goods

Shawl poncho
→ $180/plain weave
→ $200/twill weave
Blanket scarf
→ $160/plain weave 
→ $180/twill weave
Bandana scarf
→ $50/plain weave
→ $55/twill weave
Drawstring backpack
→ $60/plain weave
→ $70/twill weave
Dish towel set of 2
→ $60/pebble weave

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